The multi-venue exhibit “Picasso – The Other Half of the Sky” comprises 300 works by the avant-garde Maestro, many of which were never shown. Paintings are all from private collections, divided into 3 sections: 3 oils, 159 graphical works (acquaints, etchings, aqua forte, bovina artworks and lithographies), 40 ceramics and a drawing, all signed by Picasso, including a watercolor by Dora Maar and 19 artworks by Françoise Gilot, both late muses and partners of the Spanish painter. This thorough portrait of what is considered the grandest artistic expression of the Nineteenth century will also feature – as in a exhibit within the exhibit – 80 photos by Edward Quinn, the Irish photographer who from 1951 to 1973 (the year of Picasso’s passing) was a close friend of the famous Spaniard, also including 8 shots by Robert Capa and 3 by Françoise Gilot. This is a production of Associazione Culturale Metamorfosi, curated by Professor Francesco Gallo Mazzeo: a multi-venue organization spreading art around High Salento and Valle D’Itria, in Martina Franca (Palazzo Ducale), Ostuni (Palazzo Tanzarella) and Mesagne, in the wonderful Norman-Swabian Castle. Mesagne will host the graphics section, including an oils and works from the other two venues: ceramics (in Martina Franca) and photos (Ostuni).


ITALY. Puglia, (Martina Franca, Ostuni, Mesagne). 24 April 2018 – 04 November 2018.