The Masters of American Pop Art


‘American Pop Art Masters Exhibition’ is the largest ever Pop Art Exhibition in Korea and the first in Asia to be held in Seoul, Korea. A total of 180 works by eight Masters of American POP ART, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist, Robert Indiana, Jim Dine, and Tom Wesselman, as well as 10 of Korea’s Top Pop Art artists, Ha Jung Woo and Yu. About 50 works by Naul, Charles Jang, Artnom, Lim Tae Gyu, Widget, Rtime Joe, Ham Do-Ha, More King, and Cocorim will be exhibited together.

CNBLUE’s  Min Hyuk Kang plays an audio guide for the POP ART  exhibition. Singer and actor and the drummer of the band CNBLUE; Min Hyuk Kang tells stories about pop art in a sweet voice. Min Hyuk Kang felt great global popularity through the Netflix series ‘Celebrity’, which was released last year, and also received favorable reviews for his powerful performance in the movie ‘HAVANA’.

American Pop Art Masters Exhibition’ is considered the largest blockbuster Pop Art exhibition in 2024.

The Masters of American Pop Art
May 1 – Sep 18, 2024.


KOREA. Seoul, Insa Central Museum. 1 May – 18 September 2024