David Hockney & British Pop Art

After the hugh success of the first stage, the ‘David Hockney & British Pop Art – 1960s Swinging London’ exhibition is set to take place in Busan, featuring works by David Hockney and 14 other British pop art masters.

Organized by Busan Ilbo, Busan Dong-gu Office, and Samyoung E&C, the exhibition will run until November 26th at Dong-gu Cultural Platform and P.ArK in Yeongdo-gu.

1960s Swinging London

‘Swinging London’ is a term used to describe London, England, which was lively and full of energy during a period of rapid social and cultural change in the 1960s.

In a dynamic social climate, young British artists were emboldened to challenge traditional values and attitudes by bringing elements of popular culture such as advertisements, movies, and photography into the realm of art.

Their bold and colorful works not only define their era, but also inspire the latest popular culture and art world to this day.

The works of David Hockney, living heritage of contemporary art that still exerts a pervasive influence on new generations even after more than 60 years, and the legendary pop artists who created British pop art culture will bring the dynamic energy of ‘Swinging London’ to Seoul in 2023.

A special opportunity to see the works of David Hockney and 14 British pop art masters who are credited with creating British pop art culture in the 1960s at once!

1960s Swinging London

Through their works, discover “Swinging London”, a byword for youth culture created by British artists who were active in London in the 1960s, a time of cultural, social and freedom.

Independent (Indie) groups

In “Swinging London”, the light is shed on pop art, which began to emerge as a form of cultural movement, and ‘independent (indie) groups’, groups of artists who led pop art and created the trends of the times.

Richard Hamilton, founder of pop art

“The Father of Pop Art”, be privy to the interesting little-known stories of early British pop art through the works of Richard Hamilton called the father of pop art.

Popular culture and pop art

Discover the interesting stories and collaboration works among British musicians who dominated the world with popular music, such as the pop art, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones, and challenged traditional values and attitudes of the times.


Second stage:
Dong-gu Cultural Platform and P.ArK in Yeongdo-gu. 7 July – 26 November 2023

First stage: DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza) Museum, Seoul. 23 March – 2 July 2023