Meet Ancient Egypt


May 2024

The exhibits in this exhibition originate from the collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts at the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona in Spain. Through a total of 114 sets of artifacts, the exhibition tells the evolution of views on life and death in ancient Egyptian civilization. The timeframe of the exhibited artifacts spans over 4,500 years, from the Ancient Egyptian period over 4,000 years ago to the later Egyptian period under Roman rule in the 4th century AD. These artifacts not only reflect the ancient Egyptian civilization’s reverence for gods but also embody the people’s imagination and pursuit of the afterlife.

Due to these beliefs, from pharaohs to nobles, a significant number of valuable funerary items were used to create a lavish afterlife realm. There were also distinct methods and rituals for treating the deceased, such as mummification, aimed at achieving immortality. Some tomb owners even mummified their beloved pets, such as cats and hawks, to accompany them in the afterlife. These pet mummies will also be showcased in the exhibition, along with various artifacts that reflect everyday life in ancient Egypt, including vessels, jewelry, musical instruments, weapons, tools, and more. This provides a multifaceted perspective to understand the unique culture and social life of ancient Egypt


CHINA. Meet You Museum, Hangzhou, May 2024 – March 2026

CHINA. Meet You  Museum, Shanghai. 21 December 2023  – 10 March 2024

CHINA. Meet You Museum, Nanjing,  3 August 2023 – 25 October 2023

CHINA. Meet You  Museum, Beijing. 20 April 2023  – 9 July 2023

CHINA. Meet You  Museum, Hangzhou. 30 December 2022  – 26 March 2023

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