The exhibition at the Pepoli Museum in Trapani shows to the public more than 100 artworks among ceramic, works on paper, oil paintings, for A complete journey through the work of the Great Artist.

The exhibition curated by Lola Durán Úcar and Stefano Cecchetto, after a hugely successful run at The Corvaja Palace in Taormina contemporary at The D’Amico Palace in Milazzo and at the Ursino Castle in Catania before that, the exhibition will open in Trapani on October 10 and will run until Dicember 8.

The works on display here recount all those subjects that were dearest to the great Spanish master as well as his interpretation of reality with the theater and the circus, which he had fallen in love with from the very beginning of his life in Paris together with his friend Gershwin. This was in addition to the ultimate expression of his greatest passion: bullfighting.

The exhibition of course would not be complete without a section devoted to his intense relationships with women and finally a unique interactive installation to showcase the topic that perhaps most of all made him famous in the world: politics. At the same time in the numerous self-portraits made during his long career Pablo Picasso always revealed his life’s true passion: the one he had for himself. However in this extraordinary self-portrait of 1967 shows in this exhibition, the artist reveals the entire identity and otherness of his double.

In his constant deconstruction of the Ego, Picasso portrays himself before the mirror of the soul in the dramatic obsession of revealing his secret identity, first of all to himself. All these passions and obsessions were, undoubtedly, throughout his career, the objects of his quest to redefine extant artistic motifs with his own definitive visual language.

He was the only artist of the Twentieth Century who was capable of concerning himself with all the techniques attributable to the art world at the highest levels, as will be seen in this exhibition. Picasso earned the title of Genius because he stopped at nothing and even when he was of a very old age, he sought to challenge himself and to experiment.

This is the challenge of this great show, to make the visitors fully realize the complexity of Picasso, through the more human aspects. Picasso who loomed as one of the titans of the world of art during the last century, continues to strongly influence art, and not only that of our century. Pepoli Museum The museum is housed in a 14th c. Carmelite Convent which was considerably redesigned between the 16th and 18th centuries, not far from the celebrated Sanctuary of Santissima Annunziata, where the marble statue of the “Madonna of Trapani”, attributed to Nino Pisano, is kept and venerated.



Visit the website: picassoelesuepassioni.comediarting.it


ITALY. Pepoli Museum, Trapani. October 10 – Dicember 8, 2015

ITALY. Castello Ursino, Catania. April – June 2014

ITALY. Palazzo Corvaja, Taormina. July – 6 Sept

ITALY. Palazzo D’Amico, Milazzo. July – 6 Sept