Convitto delle Arti Noto Museum PICASSO E’ NOTO now is open

The works of the great Picasso will be exhibited in Noto, in the province of Syracuse, for “a brilliant exhibition, rebel and passionate.

The exhibition, open to the public at the Convitto delle Arti Noto Museum from March 28 to October 30. After almost eighty years of creative activity with drawing, sculpture, engraving or illustration, as well as painting and ceramics, Pablo Picasso showed that he had a special talent that made him unique in the history of Art: the spontaneity of gesture.
With this virtue, sometimes ambitiously and sometimes humbly, through the multiplicity of disciplines investigated, he was able to break with any scheme or technique and was able to do so with all the artistic expressions of his time.
The exhibition includes all Picasso’s main techniques to allow visitors to take an intense journey through his artistic evolution, with a complete picture of the eclecticism of the great artist.

The exhibition
More than 208 works, including oils, paintings, sculptures and other artwork of the incredibly famous Spanish maestro. Strongly encouraged by the most beautiful Baroque city’s council on the eastern coast, curated by Lola Durán Úcar, the exhibition Picasso è Noto deals with all the themes that are dear to the famous painter, and his passions. His greatest passions – beyond political commitment, were the circus, the theatre, bullfighting and, naturally, women. These themes all helped to build his complex stylistic code. The works in the exhibition at the Convitto delle Arti Noto Museum detail important stages of his creativity; the sensuality of the Deux Femmes, the theme of the self-portrait, a series of engravings where La Célestine sits enthroned, and the cycle of Bullfighting presented through 27 works.

The exhibition is also a journey through the techniques tackled by Picasso, where, as well as paintings, there are also graphics, works on canvas and sculptures, and murals and ceramic plates. It is right in ceramics where all the force of Picasso’s creative fantasy is concentrated, at a particularly happy moment in his life, when the artist’s nightmare about the Second World War had finished, and he started to experiment with what would accompany him for the rest of his life, intertwining inextricably with his canvas works, his sculptures and graphics. He reproduced bullfights, as well as fish, birds, and horses, which make up the “Bestiary” section. It is an exhibition to keep on viewing, because new works will be added throughout the months

Opening hours: from Monday to Friday 10.00 – 20.00 Saturday and Sunday 10.00 – 23.00