What a season!

Almost spring, it’s opening season baby!

After «Roy Lichtenstein: The Scent of Tears» in Seoul, Korea

We are now arriving…

CHINA with Keith Hairng – BRAZIL with Marc Chagall – ITALY with London Calling !

3 Days 3 OPENINGS around the world!
CHINA #beijing #keithharingbeijing
KEITH HARING Metropolitan Home Showhouse2
Date: March 13 to June 13
Venue: Meet You Museum Beijing
BRAZIL #riodejaneiro #chagallriodejaneiro
Marc Chagall: sonho de amore
Date: March 15 to June 6
Venue: Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Rio de Janeiro (CCBB RJ)
ITALY #rome #londoncallingpalazzocipolla
London Calling.
British Contemporary Art Now
Date: March 17 to July 17
Venue: Palazzo Cipolla Roma
@fondazioneterzopilastro #poema @Arthemisia @palazzocipolla @comediarting rock!