All crazy about Cracking Art extended until January 9th

The exhibition of the mammoth and colorful animal sculptures signed by the Cracking Art artistic movement, hosted at the Aia dei Musei in Avezzano (AQ), will remain open until January 9, 2022, by virtue of a long extension made possible thanks to the commitment of the Foundation Third Pillar – International that promotes it, of the Culture and Art Foundation which organizes it in collaboration with Comediarting and Arthemisia, and to the availability of the collective, the Avezzano Municipal Administration and the Aia Dei Musei Direction.

In fact, in almost three months after its inauguration, the exhibition achieved great success with the public, exceeding 5,000 admissions.

“I am pleased to have brought to Avezzano, at an exhibition site of great beauty that the Foundation intends to contribute to making a new center of excellence for contemporary art, the exhibition” Cracking Art “, as I believe that, with its strong ecological message, the riot of bright colors and the representation of animals in a “pop” key, constitutes a message of optimism and positivity, even on a symbolic level, after the dark period of the pandemic that we have all experienced “, said Prof. Avv. Emmanuele FM Emanuele, President of the Third Pillar Foundation – International.

Much loved all over the world, in fact, the works of the Crackers (as the artists of the collective define themselves) are characterized not only by their bright colors and sizes ranging from small to XXL sizes, but also by their creation process. in synthetic material that derives from the regeneration of plastic which, in this way, from material considered disposable becomes art. Plastic, in fact, transforms itself and becomes a means of communication: from a simple material in common use and a substance that is potentially harmful to the environment, it shapes itself, becoming a decorative element and a source of inspiration.

With the aim of making art accessible to the wider public and contributing to the civic sense of society, the exhibition is designed and desired free of charge, so that it can be within everyone’s reach.

The new opening hours are as follows

Monday closed

Tuesday to Friday 10-13 and 16-18

Saturday 11 am-1pm and 4-6pm

Sunday 16-18

The extraordinary openings foreseen are

Wednesday 8 December 16-18

Friday 24 December 10 am-1pm

Sunday 26 December 16-18

Friday 31 December 10 am-1pm

Saturday 1 January 16-18

Thursday 6 January 16-18