“Pablo Picasso, after more than eighty years of creative activity, which spanned drawing, sculpture, engraving and illustration, as well as painting and ceramic, showed that he possessed a special virtue that made him unique in the course of the history of art: the spontaneity of the gesture. With this virtue, sometimes ambitiously and sometimes with humble approach, through the multiplicity of the disciplines delved into, he was able to break with any formal scheme or technique encountered on his path and he knew how to do it with all of the artistic expressions of his time. ”

Lola Durán Úcar

MARCH 28th – OCTOBER 30th 2018

This exhibition englobes all of Picasso’s main techniques in order to allow the visitor to make an intense journey into his artistic evolutions, providing a complete picture of the great artist’s eclecticism.

This exhibition intends to illustrate, in its most authentic contents, those themes dear to Picasso, the women with the artist’s obsession for his model, the Minotaur, Bull Fighting, Politics, Still Lifes with the most intimate and thoughtful moments, which not only developed his unstoppable creativity, but influenced his entire artistic and human life.

The exhibition is enriched by Deux Femmes, an expression of sensuality and femininity, the fundamental subjects for Picasso no less than the theme of the Self-Portrait, represented in the exhibition by the homonymous work of 1967, where the artist reveals all of his identity and the otherness of his double.

The power of Picasso’s creative imagination is expressed in his ceramic works. These works were created in a particularly happy moment of his existence in which he dedicated himself to this expressive language, discovering it to be extraordinarily congenial to his creative vein.


ITALY. Noto (Syracuse), Convitto Delle Arti Noto Museum. March 28th – October 30th 2018