Ouka Leele is a prestigious Spanish female photographer, one of Spain’s best known contemporary artists.

This exhibition is a further collaboration between Iberia Center for Contemporary Art of Beijing and Tomás y Valiente Art Center of Fuenlabrada (Madrid), following the exhibition Poetic Realism: a Reinterpretation of Jiangnan – Contemporary Art from South China held in Fuenlabrada (Madrid), May 2008, which has created a great sensation in culture scene.

A special mounting ricreated a Domino pieces and the exhibitions showcases a collection of 67 pieces of Ouka Leele’s works from all different stages of her artistic career: from Hairdresser´s Series of her first solo in 1979, and works of the 1980s during the new wave cultural movement in Madrid, La Movida.


SPAIN. Fuenlabrada (Madrid), Art Center Tomás y Valiente. 17 November 2005 – 22 January 2006