Meet Egypt:

The Exhibition of the Rare Relics and Mummies


World preview of the exhibition and first of the four stops for the tour of the exhibition on ancient Egypt!

The exhibition of 114 pieces, by a Comediarting’s project with Aurea Art, divided into groups of cultural artifacts from the collection of the Egyptian Museum in Barcelona, ​​Spain, to tell the changes in the vision of life in the ancient Egyptian civilization.  

The exhibition tells the evolution of ancient Egyptian civilization through with more than 100 pieces (groups) of cultural relics collected by the Egyptian Museum in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

The cultural relics special exhibition series “Meeting Ancient Egypt” has toured in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Hangzhou, becoming a new landmark for cultural audiences in each city. The exhibits in this show are all from the collection of the Egyptian Museum in Barcelona, ​​Spain, including golden mummy sarcophagus and boxes, mummy coffin lids, animal mummies, mask of the animal mummy, statues of ancient Egypt and even scarabs, jewels, pieces of weapons, finds of musical instruments and murals, 63 pieces between ceramics and bronzes, stone sculptures, etc. Among them, three sarcophagi of pharaohs and gilded mummy coffins (gold leaf, linen, etc.) are exhibited for the first time in a museum other than the Egyptian Museum in Barcelona. Joaquin Clos Casellas, president for life of the Clos Archaeological Foundation of the Egyptian Museum in Barcelona, ​​said the special exhibition Meet Ancient Egypt would act as a bridge and lay a solid foundation for in-depth exchanges between Spanish and Chinese cultural institutions.


CHINA. Chengu. Meet Museum. 20 August 2022 –  13 November 2022

CHINA. Beijing. Meet You Museum. 20 April 2023  – 9 July 2023