Fred Buscaglione now at MAXXI in ROME!

“FRED BUSCAGLIONE. Time for a cigarette”

Comediarting oversaw the executive project and with Gina Ingrassia as artistic director of this free-entry exhibition, on the occasion of the Rome Film Festival.

In the exhibition spaces of the MAXXI – National Museum of XXI Century Arts in via Guido Reni 4, at the Corner Maxxi, from 13 to 23 October 2022, every day it will be possible to visit the free exhibition “Fred Buscaglione, il tempo di una cigarette ”Dedicated to the inimitable artist of the 1950s, who would have turned 100 on 23 November 2021. The exhibition sponsored by the Municipality of Rome is an initiative that is part of the “Resonances” section of the Rome Film Fest. The exhibition is divided into 5 narrative moments: I’m Fred, The jukebox boy, The tough guy with a soft heart, Fred and television, Accident. A visual and sensorial journey that, through the work of this multifaceted artist, tells the cultural transition from the 50s onwards, through music, television and cinema, bringing us back to the spirit of that period and to the change that took place in the fabric of society and in the lifestyles of post-war Italians.


The modernity, the eclecticism, the biting, and at the same time poetic irony that distinguished him, attracted him to the eternal city. Where he quickly achieved unparalleled success in just two years, the last. The capital, in fact, will be the first important stage of an exhibition that will continue in Turin, his hometown and subsequently abroad, and the place from where the production of a film on the extraordinary life of the Great Fred, produced by Maga Pictures, will start.

The exhibition is part of the Resonances of the Rome Film Fest. Find out more on:





What a season!

Almost spring, it’s opening season baby!

After «Roy Lichtenstein: The Scent of Tears» in Seoul, Korea

We are now arriving…

CHINA with Keith Hairng – BRAZIL with Marc Chagall – ITALY with London Calling !

3 Days 3 OPENINGS around the world!
CHINA #beijing #keithharingbeijing
KEITH HARING Metropolitan Home Showhouse2
Date: March 13 to June 13
Venue: Meet You Museum Beijing
BRAZIL #riodejaneiro #chagallriodejaneiro
Marc Chagall: sonho de amore
Date: March 15 to June 6
Venue: Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Rio de Janeiro (CCBB RJ)
ITALY #rome #londoncallingpalazzocipolla
London Calling.
British Contemporary Art Now
Date: March 17 to July 17
Venue: Palazzo Cipolla Roma
@fondazioneterzopilastro #poema @Arthemisia @palazzocipolla @comediarting rock!


Quayola extended until 13 Feb !

The Quayola exhibition at Palazzo Cipolla in Rome has been extended until 13 February

The two-week extension is made possible thanks to the commitment of the Terzo Pilastro-Internazionale Foundation, which promotes it, and to the artist and the lenders of the works.

The exhibition, curated by Jérôme Neutres and Valentino Catricalà, was strongly supported by Prof. Avv. Emmanuele Francesco Maria Emanuele, President of the Terzo Pilastro-Internazionale Foundation, and created by POEMA with the organizational support of Comediarting and Arthemisia.

“I am very pleased to extend the use of the” Re-coding “exhibition by visitors to Palazzo Cipolla, offering them the opportunity to get to know and appreciate an extraordinary artist like Quayola, able to bring traditional purists closer to new expressive codes deriving from the most current technologies. ” – said Prof. Emanuele – “Quayola uses the algorithms that regulate the digital world to plumb, with the infinite opportunities that technology offers, the research process that is the basis of the work of art itself, building new standards completely new aesthetics. In this innovative and original path, it is significant that for Quayola it is essential to constantly be inspired by the great masters of classical art, such as Raphael, Botticelli, Rubens, Bernini, in an ideal and unavoidable dialogue between the past and the present. ”

Born in 1982, one of the most important exponents of media-art internationally, Quayola belongs to that rare dynasty of art creators who, by inventing their own personal expressive code, have re-mastered the history of art through his vision. The historic building of Palazzo Cipolla proved to be the ideal space to exhibit the history of Quayola’s art, animated by a permanent comparison between the artist’s classical education and his daily use of the most futuristic means of visual expression. The works on display, created between 2007 and 2021, give us a complete overview of the artist’s creative process, ranging from the immaterial form (videos) to the material one (prints or sculptures).

The exhibition space of Palazzo Cipolla will observe the following times: from Tuesday to Sunday 10.00 – 20.00 (the ticket office ends at 19.00); Monday closed.


Complete press kit and exhibition images available on:



All crazy about Cracking Art extended until January 9th

The exhibition of the mammoth and colorful animal sculptures signed by the Cracking Art artistic movement, hosted at the Aia dei Musei in Avezzano (AQ), will remain open until January 9, 2022, by virtue of a long extension made possible thanks to the commitment of the Foundation Third Pillar – International that promotes it, of the Culture and Art Foundation which organizes it in collaboration with Comediarting and Arthemisia, and to the availability of the collective, the Avezzano Municipal Administration and the Aia Dei Musei Direction.

In fact, in almost three months after its inauguration, the exhibition achieved great success with the public, exceeding 5,000 admissions.

“I am pleased to have brought to Avezzano, at an exhibition site of great beauty that the Foundation intends to contribute to making a new center of excellence for contemporary art, the exhibition” Cracking Art “, as I believe that, with its strong ecological message, the riot of bright colors and the representation of animals in a “pop” key, constitutes a message of optimism and positivity, even on a symbolic level, after the dark period of the pandemic that we have all experienced “, said Prof. Avv. Emmanuele FM Emanuele, President of the Third Pillar Foundation – International.

Much loved all over the world, in fact, the works of the Crackers (as the artists of the collective define themselves) are characterized not only by their bright colors and sizes ranging from small to XXL sizes, but also by their creation process. in synthetic material that derives from the regeneration of plastic which, in this way, from material considered disposable becomes art. Plastic, in fact, transforms itself and becomes a means of communication: from a simple material in common use and a substance that is potentially harmful to the environment, it shapes itself, becoming a decorative element and a source of inspiration.

With the aim of making art accessible to the wider public and contributing to the civic sense of society, the exhibition is designed and desired free of charge, so that it can be within everyone’s reach.

The new opening hours are as follows

Monday closed

Tuesday to Friday 10-13 and 16-18

Saturday 11 am-1pm and 4-6pm

Sunday 16-18

The extraordinary openings foreseen are

Wednesday 8 December 16-18

Friday 24 December 10 am-1pm

Sunday 26 December 16-18

Friday 31 December 10 am-1pm

Saturday 1 January 16-18

Thursday 6 January 16-18


Exhibition by Manolo Valdés at Palazzo Cipolla, Rome, reopens on the 27th of April

The great exhibition by the Spanish artist held at Palazzo Cipolla in Rome, extended until the 11th of July due to the commitment of the promotor Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Internazionale, which promoted it, and the willingness of the gallery and lenders, reopens on the 27th of April when the Lazio region returns to the yellow zone.

This exhibition has been strongly advocated by Professor Emmanuele F. M. Emanuele Chairman of Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Internazionale, organised by POEMA in association with the Contini Gallery in Venice, supported by Comediarting and Arthemisia, and curated by Gabriele Simongini.

Professor Emanuele declared, “I really hope that this umpteenth reopening of exhibitions spaces is finally definitive and I am really delighted to be able to welcome visitors to Palazzo Cipolla, in the most scrupulous conditions of personal safety, until summer. Manolo Valdes is an extraordinary artist who has stayed away from Rome for too long and is undoubtedly worth a visit: he draws on the most famous masterpieces in art history and reinterprets them in an absolutely up-to-date way.  As well as the visual language of undoubted impact, his attention to medium and preference for large scale artworks, I particularly like his aptitude to draw on the artistic repertoire of the past in an entirely natural way and provide a contemporary rendering of it, corroborating my belief that art is an uninterrupted flow of dialogue between the great artists of the past and those of the present day.”

The exhibition (opened last October and was interrupted several times by a series of decrees issued by the Prime Minister),  which brings Valdes back to Rome after twenty-five years of absence, consists of around seventy artworks -paintings and sculptures in wood, marble, bronze, alabaster, brass, steel, iron, some of which are monumental – from the artist’s studio and important private collections that recount Valdés’s creative career from the early nineteen-eighties (just after the end of his experience in Equipo Crónica) to date.

In compliance with the current regulations the exhibition space at Palazzo Cipolla will observe the following opening hours: Tuesdays to Fridays from 10:00 to 20:00, last entrance at 19:00. Saturdays and Bank Holidays entry by advanced online booking at and



NOW OPEN “Andy Warhol: Beginning Seoul”


WARHOL exhibition for the HYUNDAI MUSEUM opening!

Despite the Pandemic era,  the Andy Warhol’s exhibition opens in Korea in a new and huge location! 
Unlike previous Andy Warhol exhibitions, this is the first large-scale retrospective exhibition to be be held in Korea.
A total of 153 artworks on show, from iconic portraits of Liz and Marilyn Monroe, among the others, to drawings that could not be seen before easily. Also on display is a private collection that shows Warhol’s various interest toward art. A journey through which define Warhol the king of PoP-Art.
This amazing exhibition is housed in an equally amazing and brand new venue; The Hyundai Seoul. The Hyundai Seoul kicks off as the biggest department store in Seoul, with 89,100 square meters of operating space, or about the size of 13 football fields.

The exhibition space, dubbed Alt 1, boasts ample space where about 200 works or art can be displayed, according to Hyundai.

The retrospective exhibition, “Andy Warhol: Beginning Seoul,” opens to run until 27th June.




Here We Are! ANDY WARHOL in China

Shanghai Minsheng Museum of Modern Art


“THE POP IMAGE——Andy Warhol’s 1962-1987 ” exhibition from January 1 to April 7, 2021.

Idea by ComediArting

Curated by Lola Úcar Durán

Special Thanks to the Rumor Collection

On January 1st, 2021, the Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum will launch its opening of  THE POP IMAGE——Andy Warhol’s 1962-1987, a retrospective exhibition of classic works by the artist Andy Warhol. THE POP IMAGE will feature artworks created by Warhol from 1962 to 1987, totalling 72 works which include silkscreen prints, offset lithographs, photographs, videos, and other media.
Andy Warhol was a leading figure and proponent of the Pop Art movement, with mechanical reproduction being a distinguishing feature of his artmaking process – his works would often consist of multiple replications of the same image, either as exact copies or in varying hues. Such classic works as those from Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe series, Campbell’s Soup Cans series, Flowers series,

Celebrity Portraits series and Cow series have been specially selected for this exhibition, so as to provide a comprehensive retrospective of the artist’s most quintessential creations.
If one were to regard Pop Art as the hallmark symbol of consumerism and popular culture in the 1960s, then Andy Warhol would be the central creator of this symbol, as the content of his works is closely related to American consumerism, commercialism and celebrity idolization in the 1960s. Through this exhibition, viewers will be made aware of how everyday objects have crossed the boundaries of fine art, and of the ways in which artists subversively appropriate elements of consumerist society, popular culture, and mass media in their works.

Back to Korea with Mr CALDER




DECEMBER 13 2019 – APRIL 13 2020




KMCA is proud to present a first-ever largest Alexander Calder’s retrospective exhibition an idea by ComediArting, in all of Asia, <Calder on paper>. The museum has coordinated this tremendous event, in particular, the exhibition features over 150 pieces of Calder’s gouaches and paintings spreading from 1920 to 1976. A large number of unseen private collections of overseas collectors have generously participated in this exhibition. KMCA is preparing this exhibition with great passion to introduce Alexander Calder to the general public and the contemporary art industry of Korea. It is highly anticipated that this show will allow them to gain an insight into Calder’s art and encourage them to have a fascinating experience with his art world.

The Minvera Award with the Italian Republic President (sponsored also by ComediArting)

(Photo by: La Repubblica)

On the occasion of the thirtieth edition of the Anna Maria Mammoliti Award, the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, received the eight 2019 winners at the Quirinale, accompanied by Olga Mammoliti Severi, President of the Women’s Club – The Minerva Award – Anna Maria Mammoliti reaches the XXX edition.

This year’s event – celebrated as usual in the Campomoglio Protomoteca Hall – awarded the following women: Marta Cartabia (to the Institutions), Lucia Dovigo (to the Social Commitment), Carolina Rosi (to the Arts), Fawziya Abikar Nur (Women in the World), Vandana Shiva (to Human Rights), Maria Barilà (to Public Management), Alessandra Necci (to Culture), Federica Angeli (to Journalism). Giuseppe Bungaro and Lorenza Bisignani respectively the “Scientific Research” and “the Improvised” awards of the International Prize What’s Up Young Talents, now in its thirteenth edition

ComediArting is pleased to have been among the sponsors of the edition.