Back to Korea with Mr CALDER




DECEMBER 13 2019 – APRIL 13 2020




KMCA is proud to present a first-ever largest Alexander Calder’s retrospective exhibition an idea by ComediArting, in all of Asia, <Calder on paper>. The museum has coordinated this tremendous event, in particular, the exhibition features over 150 pieces of Calder’s gouaches and paintings spreading from 1920 to 1976. A large number of unseen private collections of overseas collectors have generously participated in this exhibition. KMCA is preparing this exhibition with great passion to introduce Alexander Calder to the general public and the contemporary art industry of Korea. It is highly anticipated that this show will allow them to gain an insight into Calder’s art and encourage them to have a fascinating experience with his art world.

The Minvera Award with the Italian Republic President (sponsored also by ComediArting)

(Photo by: La Repubblica)

On the occasion of the thirtieth edition of the Anna Maria Mammoliti Award, the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, received the eight 2019 winners at the Quirinale, accompanied by Olga Mammoliti Severi, President of the Women’s Club – The Minerva Award – Anna Maria Mammoliti reaches the XXX edition.

This year’s event – celebrated as usual in the Campomoglio Protomoteca Hall – awarded the following women: Marta Cartabia (to the Institutions), Lucia Dovigo (to the Social Commitment), Carolina Rosi (to the Arts), Fawziya Abikar Nur (Women in the World), Vandana Shiva (to Human Rights), Maria Barilà (to Public Management), Alessandra Necci (to Culture), Federica Angeli (to Journalism). Giuseppe Bungaro and Lorenza Bisignani respectively the “Scientific Research” and “the Improvised” awards of the International Prize What’s Up Young Talents, now in its thirteenth edition

ComediArting is pleased to have been among the sponsors of the edition.

CORRADO CAGLI now in Rome!

The exhibition at Palazzo Cipolla is dedicated to the Italian painter Corrado Cagli (1910-1976), remembered for forming the Scuola Romana art movement in the 1930s.

The show features around 200 works including paintings, drawings, sculptures, sketches, theatrical costumes, tapestries and prints.

Promoted by Terzo Pilastro Foundation, with Archivio Cagli, Poema and Comediarting.


Chagall in Bologna!

An exhibition dedicated to the great Russian artist Chagall will open on September 20th at Palazzo Albergati in Bologna. Dream and Magic: 160 works of art illustrate the original poetic language of Marc Chagall (1887-1985) through the common thread of his poetic and magical sensitivity.

Powered by ComediArting, Producer Arthemisia Group, curated by Dolores Duràn Ucar.

Jewish, Russian and Western culture, his love for literature, his deep religious faith, the pure concepts of Love and tradition and the feelings for his beloved wife Bella can be found in 160 pieces of art including paintings, drawings, watercolours and incisions.

A collection of rare and extraordinary works of art from private collections and therefore usually unavailable to the great public.
The exhibition illustrates the artist’s world drenched with wonder and marvel.




Stars of Pop Art now in Lisbon!

Andy Warhol and Lichtenstein among the 122 works of the exhibition “Stars of Pop Art”

Works by Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg and Roy Lichtenstein will be exhibited at the “Pop Art Stars” exhibition with 122 graphic pieces, which opens at the West Tower of the Cordoaria Nacional in Lisbon. According to the organization, under the responsibility of the Portuguese company Art For You, in partnership with the Italian group Artemisia, and ComediArting, the exhibition brings together a selection of authentic graphic works by the Spanish collector José Luís Rupérez.

In addition to the emblematic Pop Art artists, David Salle, Felix Gonzalez Torres, Jean Michel Basquiat, Jeff Koons, Julian Schnabel and Keith Haring are also represented. Under the curatorship of Dolores Durán Ucar, the exhibition – which has already been held in South Korea and Spain – was designed, produced and performed by Art For You, and will be open until January 5, 2020.


Rubens the genius illuminates Seville

The exhibition Rubens: Ercole e Deianira. Capolavori dalle collezioni italiane curated by Anna Maria Bava, Director of the Sabauda Gallery in Turin, with the cooperation of Cristina Carrillo de Albornoz de Fisac has been promoted by Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Internazionale and organised by PoemaComediarting and Arthemisia, under the aegis of the City of Seville.

Two of the most important masterpieces by Peter Paul Rubens, indisputable leader of seventeenth-century Flemish art, have arrived in Spain from Italy:  Hercules in the Garden of the Hesperides and Deianira delivering the fatal tunic to the Fury.  The two large canvases kept in the Sabauda gallery at the Musei Reali in Turin will be exhibited in Palacio de la Condesa de Lebrij in Seville from the 4th of April to the 22nd of September 2019.

The exhibition is part of a wider project titled ‘Masterpieces from Italian collections’ which from now on will bring several masterpieces belonging to the most important Italian museums to the beautiful setting of the house-museum Palacio de Lebrija, tracing a fil rouge with the precious exhibits kept there.

The exhibition proposes a direct comparison between the artworks from Italy and the mosaics and sculptures belonging to the unique collection of the Sevillian palace.  Hercules and Deianira are the protagonists who engage in dialogue with the mythical figures that populate the mosaics’ decorations, the arabesques in the patio and the classical Greco-Roman marble busts kept in the museum.

Scholar and Humanist with a voracious intellect, Rubens was close to Spain due to his friendship with another great baroque painter, Diego de Velázquez and because he served the courts of Europe including the Spanish court.  His two masterpieces recount two episodes of the stories of Hercules.

In the first imposing canvas the hero is depicted when, having slain the guardian snake Ladon, he picked the golden apples that were kept in the garden of the Hesperides, to perform his eleventh labour.  He leans his right arm on the wooden club that he made to face the first labour to slay the Nemean lion and he is wearing its skin, which together with the club became his main attribute.  Hercules triumphantly crushes the head of the savage snake lying lifeless at his feet, whilst its limb still clasps the club in a last attempt to resist the demigod’s superhuman strength.

In the second majestic painting, Deianira, the wife of Hercules (who looks like Ruben’s second wife, Hélène Fourment), is depicted looking upwards paying attention to the words whispered by the Fury, the snake-haired goddess of vengeance, who leaning towards her offers her the bloody tunic of Nessus the centaur.  Unaware that the blood was poisoned and believing instead that it was a love potion that would help her to win back her husband, who was enamoured with Iole, Deianira subsequently gave the tunic to Hercules, which caused his atrocious death and she committed suicide  out of remorse.



“The Circus” by Fernand Léger in Portugal now!


A new exhibition target #ArtEverywhere by ComediArting has opened last Thursday 6 September, in the NorteShopping.
One of the bigger Shopping Center in Portugal. The project is dedicated to the theme of the Circus by Fernand Léger.

The exhibition “The Circus” Fernand Léger is a series of 52 lithographs, original and signed, which are part of the ‘livre d’artiste “, published in 1950, by request of his friend Tériade, publisher and writer very well known in France in theTwentieth Century. A permanent spectacle that brings us into the world of Léger and its evolution in art, whose culminating point is represented by this series.

Adds charm to a setting in the shape of a star and blue and white tones, the structure that houses the exhibition – designed and created by the FAHR021.3 studios – presents an experiential journey in the work of one of the great Artist f the Twentieth Century, that has been able to represent the circus art like no other. An admirer of the art of Léger, was also the former Portuguese secretary of State for Culture, Jorge Barreto Xavier, who spoke at the inauguration.


Sarah Jessica Parker visit the “Picasso è Noto” exhibition

We are so honored that Sarah Jessica Parker, during her visit to Noto did not miss the exhibitions dedicated to Pablo Picasso and Frida Kahlo, produced by Gianni Filippini hosted at the Convitto delle Arti – Noto Museum. The American actress, on holiday in Sicily with her husband Matthew Broderick and daughters, arrived at the show early this afternoon and visited the two floors of the building that houses the 208 works by Pablo Picasso, and the 80 images from the greatest photographers of the time to the great Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo. Thank you Sarah J.!

(Photos courtesy Florinda Vicari)

“Art at Colombo” from Andy Warhol to Roy Lichtenstein for an unusual space

Thanks to the Sota Company, ComediArting was called to collaborate with the project “Art at Colombo” in Lisbon, the temporary museum held in Colombo Central Quarter’s square.

The initiative “Arte Colombo” was launched in 2011 and presented in collaboration with the Berardo Collection Museum in the exhibition of works by four national artists – Joana Vasconcelos, Miguel Palma, Susana Anágua and Isaac Pinheiro. Following the National Museum of Ancient Art (2012), the “Andy Warhol Icons” exhibition (2013), the interactive installation “The Pool” by North American artist Jen Lewin (2014) “The Divine Comedy of Salvador Dalí” 2015), the photo exhibition Terry O’Neill – “Star Faces” and last year, and the photo show of Frida Kahlo.

The Roy Lichtenstein exhibiton is current on show.


Our exhibitions and collections for the Art at Colombo project, shows by authors;

ANDY WARHOL. The exhibition “Andy Warhol – Icons, Psaier and the Factory Artworks” was thought of, designed and produced by State of the Art for Sonae Sierra.
The show included original artworks by Andy Warhol (1928-1987), one of the most important artists of Pop Ar

t, inspired within the “Factory”, the artist’s studio. The exhibition structure was made of 1.500 metal cans and located on the central square of the shopping mall “Colombo”, an unprecedented project by the studio LIKEarchitects.

Besides famous works, such as The Campbell’s Soup and portraits of Marilyn Monroe, the exhibition presents works signed by Pietro Psaier, a mysterious artist, of whom only few traces remain. (Images © Fernando Guerra FG+SG)

SALVADOR DALI. Marking the 5th edition of the project “Art at Colombo”, the museum space of the exhibition was divided into nine interrelated rooms, allowing the multiplication of possible exhibition routes. In the year that marked the 750th anniversary of the birth of Dante Alighieri, an exhibition of one hundred original engravings of Salvador Dalí, illustrating Dante’s travels through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise.

The exhibition was on show on Colombo`s central square from June 17 to September 20, 2015. (© Fernando Guerra)

FRIDA KAHLO. Set in an Exhibition Pavillion created from 4000 meters of yellow wire, the exhibition included also videos of contemporary models in super slow-motion. ComediArting brought original photographs of Frida Kahlo taken by some of the leading photographers of the 20th century, such as Nickolas Muray, Edward Weston and Imogen Cunningham.

The exhibition, for the first time in Portugal, brought together 71 original photographs of this world-renowned artist.

TERRY O’NEIL. The exhibition “Terry O’Neill. Faces of the Stars” at Colombo Center, presented 50 of the most famous works by legendary British photographer Terry O’Neill, who from the early ‘60s has been dedicating his career capturing with his camera the most famous personalities of their time, converting them into icons.

The Curator Cristina Carrillo de Albornoz Fisac was invited to include a selection of O’Neill’s most renowned shots of actors, singers and models such as Sean Connery, the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Elton John and Faye Dunaway, his future wife, the morning after winning her Oscar for Network. Spontaneous private moments often captured because of his personal relationship with the stars, make these images iconic and intimate at the same time.

The exhibition organized for Sonae Sierra counted with the institutional support of Fundação D. Luis I., the British Embassy, the British Council and was part of the official program of the Portuguese Year of Cinema and Audiovisual. The exhibition received more than 184.500 visitors in three month. (Images ©  Valter Vinagre)

ROY LICHTENSTEIN. “Roy Lichtenstein and Pop Art” is the title of the new exhibition presented in the 8th edition of the “The Art Arrived in Colombo” project, officially opened now and can be visited by the public from this time .

The work of Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997) will be displayed in four chronologically organized sections: “Pop”, “Landscapes”, “Homages” and “Posters”. One of the creators of the Pop Art movement, Roy Lichtenstein, transformed images of popular culture and masses from advertisements, series and everyday life. “Crying Girl”, “Whaam!” and “When I opened fire” are some of the most emblematic pieces on the artist’s estate, as seen in September at the Colombo Shopping Center.

“I Love LEGO” now is open! Seoul Korea

I Love Lego is coming to Seoul! The first exhibition of the world tour “I love LEGO” by COMEDIARTING in collaboration with ARTHEMISIA and JHAHA, co-hosted by The Dong-A Ilbo and Jaha, will be held at the Cultural Hall of the Lotte Department Store at Gimpo Airport, starting from July 20. An exhibition entirely realized with the most famous bricks in the world.

The event is the first exhibition that has been permitted by the Denmark Lego Group to use the LEGO title.

The exhibition is divided into six sections and uses a total of 1.016 million pieces. It features various themes ranging from ancient and medieval Rome, modern cities and outer space. There are even works that have taken several years to build, which are so grand that they are breathtaking.

Though LEGO comes from Denmark, the sub-title of the exhibition is “From Italy to Seoul,” because most of the works in the exhibition have been created by Romabrick, an Italian LEGO user community. Romabrick, one of the oldest LEGO user communities in Europe, is mostly from Rome and creates LEGO pieces with the certification of LEGO. “Some of our members come from engineering and architecture backgrounds, which adds to reality,” said Romabrick with pride.

The exhibition first opened in Italy at the end of 2016 and created a huge sensation. Some 500,000 people across Europe visited the exhibition.f

For the first time, will be visible the reproduction of the Eagle’s Nest, an impregnable stronghold of the TV series Game of Thrones.