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NOW OPEN “Andy Warhol: Beginning Seoul”


WARHOL exhibition for the HYUNDAI MUSEUM opening!

Despite the Pandemic era,  the Andy Warhol’s exhibition opens in Korea in a new and huge location! 
Unlike previous Andy Warhol exhibitions, this is the first large-scale retrospective exhibition to be be held in Korea.
A total of 153 artworks on show, from iconic portraits of Liz and Marilyn Monroe, among the others, to drawings that could not be seen before easily. Also on display is a private collection that shows Warhol’s various interest toward art. A journey through which define Warhol the king of PoP-Art.
This amazing exhibition is housed in an equally amazing and brand new venue; The Hyundai Seoul. The Hyundai Seoul kicks off as the biggest department store in Seoul, with 89,100 square meters of operating space, or about the size of 13 football fields.

The exhibition space, dubbed Alt 1, boasts ample space where about 200 works or art can be displayed, according to Hyundai.

The retrospective exhibition, “Andy Warhol: Beginning Seoul,” opens to run until 27th June.


Tag Archive for: pop art